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1. Purpose

Standardize the inspection process of finished products shipments, prevent unqualified shipments, timely discover and correct product quality risks, and ensure product quality;

The product fully meets the specified quality requirements, and effective inspection and testing are performed before the finished products are put into storage and shipped.

2. Scope of application

Applicable to QA inspectors of our quality department, for the company's production and purchase of finished goods into the warehouse, shipping inspection.

3. Power and responsibility

Production Department: Finished product production, packaging, labeling, inspection, storage.

Quality Department: Performs spot checks or full inspections on the inspection products and shipment products, and makes objective and correct decisions and marks on the finished products.

Warehouse: Finished goods warehouse storage and shipment operations.

4. Definition


5. Work contents

5.1 Production According to the production instruction list, the production is stocked. After the finished product is finished, the production fills in the “finished goods storage order” and clearly identifies the product model.Order number and batch size; the QA inspector transferred to implement the sampling according to the sampling plan.

5.2 The QA inspector tests the product according to the quality standards.

5.2.1 After the QA inspector receives the "Finished Product Inspection Form", he finds the work orders, engineering technical data drawings, and Inspection of specifications, packaging requirements, sampling plans, and other relevant data, and the implementation of sampling inspection.

5.2.2 QA inspection includes product packaging, appearance, electrical properties, structure, reliability, etc.;

5.2.3 Packaging Inspection:

A. The integrity of the outer box (with or without a sealed box, damage, etc.).

B. Specimen No. Item Specification Inspection: The product name and item number specifications are in good agreement with the actual product, and there is no item name and material number to indicate.

C. Quantitative tests: The number of labels and physical compatibility, with or without quantity labeling.

D. Whether there is any ambiguity, reprint, or error in the printing of the skull marks; whether the color of the cardboard box matches the color of the sample.5.2.4:

A. Product color inspection and integrity of product components.

B. Mainly inspecting scratches, abrasions, foreign objects, dirt, black spots, burrs, crushing, deformation, cracks, etc.

Specific reference product inspection criteria.

5.2.5 Structural inspection:

The finished product shall be measured and recorded according to the important dimensions in the “engineering drawings”; and the gap between the bottom shells behind the assembly shall be confirmed and recorded.Moving machinery will not appear abnormal noise inside the machine.。

5.2.6 Functional test: According to functional product requirements, conduct a comprehensive test for each function and record the test results in QA Inspection report.

5.2.7 Reliability verification, new products are required to do relevant reliability tests, and periodical samples are regularly sampled for batch production.

5.2.38 All processed products are packaged after QC inspection before packaging, QA inspector and product packaging inspection

Items, stickers, logos, boxes, and other content information are checked one by one.

5.3 The QA inspector will record the results in the "QA Inspection Report" and "Finished Product Inspection Form"; when qualified, the "Finished Product Inspection Form" needs to be covered.

QA PASS blue print, the production unit can only use the "finished product inspection form" into the warehouse.

5.4 In case of failure, QA inspectors will transfer the "Single Inspection Form" to the production unit and open an "abnormal feedback form";Attendees fill in the corrective measures and implement them according to the "Non-conforming Product Management Procedures" and "Correction and Preventive Measures Management Procedures."

5.5 The unqualified batch was reworked and the non-conforming product was repaired and reworked; the production was re-submitted according to the above requirements; the “finished product inspection form” was submitted for inspection; QA The inspector checks again.

5.6 The unqualified products that do not meet the technical requirements and customer requirements shall be confirmed by telephone to the customer. If requested by the customer, they can be sent to the customer.

After confirming OK, it can be released; if there is a difference, the approval of the relevant authorized personnel will allow release. Technical parameters by the head of research and development Confirmation, the appearance of acceptance by the quality director to confirm the signature can not be shipped.

6.0 Related documents

6.1 "Non-conforming product management procedures" CX-QP-022

6.2 “Corrective and Preventive Measures Management Procedures” CX-QP-024

7.0 Use form

7.1 "finished goods storage order" QR-WHO-002

7.2 "Finished Product Inspection Form" QR-WHO-003

7.3 "QA Inspection Report" QR-QCD-009

7.4 "Abnormal Feedback Sheet" QR-QCD-006


Tungwille Lighting Co.,LTD Certifications
Standard: CE LVD
Number: TH2106092-C01-R01
Issue Date: 2021-06-15
Expiry Date: 2031-06-14
Scope/Range: LED linear light
Tungwille Lighting Co.,LTD Certifications
Standard: Reach
Number: XKS2017R12210036E
Issue Date: 2021-12-25
Expiry Date: 2030-12-24
Scope/Range: LED linear light
Issued By: XKS
Tungwille Lighting Co.,LTD Certifications
Standard: SGS
Number: QIP-ASI192189
Issue Date: 2019-03-21
Expiry Date: 2029-03-18
Scope/Range: LED linear light
Issued By: SGS-CSTC
Tungwille Lighting Co.,LTD Certifications
Standard: CE EMC
Number: TH2106025-C01-R01
Issue Date: 2021-06-15
Expiry Date: 2031-06-14
Scope/Range: LED linear light
Tungwille Lighting Co.,LTD Certifications
Standard: ISO9001:2015
Number: 32121Q30296ROS
Issue Date: 2022-06-17
Expiry Date: 2024-06-16
Scope/Range: LED linear light

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